Crafting our Kashmiri chai is an aromatic experience that brings together many different consolidated brewing efforts and any person close enough to be caught in it’s inexplicable aroma. We have constructed a recipe that we hope inspires you to embrace the warmth of the beverage itself and that of your friends, family, & community (our staff included) whose love &
care is symbolized by the red saffron sitting atop the brew. ❤ We hope you love it too.




Our Lemon, Lime, Ginger, Echinacea starts out with a handcrafted oleo saccharum made from organic lemon peels and sugar. In this time lapse (filmed over 2 hrs), you can see the moisture and citrus oils weeping out of the peels to make a delicious syrup. Fascinating. With a little patience comes a lot of flavor.

I remember the day our Synesso Hydra espresso machine arrived from King of Prussia, PA where she had been sitting alone in the back of a fancy restaurant with no one to talk to. We named her Vynesso that day and now she’s got a whole lot of friends in Austin, TX!


What is crema? It’s the oils and fats in the coffee that rise to the top of the shot on carbon dioxide which is infused into the water during the pressurized emulsification process. Yum.

Where did the CO2 come from? It was in the coffee beans the whole time. That why we always grind espresso beans fresh for every shot.