Private coffee classes with Naiman Rigby are available upon request. Contact us at for more information.

Naiman teaches UT Informal classes at Kick Butt Coffee (reviews) and private courses and consulting based on availability.

For a group private class we can accommodate 2 to 6 people (perfect for a small b-day party). Yes, 6 is the maximum. This is because 6 students, plus the teacher, plus the baristas on duty, is the max that can fit behind the counter.

Class includes: 1. History of Coffee 2. Origins of Coffee 3. How to brew Cold Brew Coffee 4. How to Pull the Perfect Espresso Shot 5. How to Steam Microfoam 6. How to construct your favorite Coffee Drink, basic latte art and much much more… Yes, you will get to pull your own shots, steam your milk into microfaom and make your own favorite specialty drink. 🙂